Great Family Friendly Shows to see in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is famously known as “Sin City” around the world as the place to party. Every commercial you see shows people doing things they would never do in their every day life. While the cities attractions are mainly targeted towards adults, is does not mean there are no family friendly shows. Below are a few shows people of all ages will enjoy.

Jeff Dunham

Jeff has made a name for himself as the most popular ventriloquist in the US, maybe the world. Some of his most famous dummies include a Achmed (A dead terrorist you accidentally blew him self up), Peanut (Jeff’s main side kick) and Walter (the old grumpy man who says anything on his mind, and does not care what anyone thinks) probably Jeff’s most well known character. The show is entertaining to all ages from young kids, teenagers to adults.

David Copperfield

David is without a doubt one of the greatest (if not the greatest) stage magician ever in history. His work as spanned decades and continues to marvel his audience on a daily basis. His most famous illusions include, flying on stage, passing through the Great Wall of China, and making the statue of Liberty vanish. David performs on a daily basis proving he really loves his work and is not just in it for the money, even though he is a billionaire.

O – Cirque du Soleil

As a young child I can remember seeing Cirque du Soleil and being amazed. The physical strength of the performers, timing perfection, music and visual colors of the show is truly amazing. The show is based on the infinite beauty and possibilities of water. There are ariel hoops, high divers, fire dancers and much more. This has been one of the most popular acts in Vegas for a longtime and seems to be only growing in popularity.

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