7 Reasons you Should Visit Austin, Texas

With a thriving live music scene, interactive history, vibrant creative community, natural beauty and outdoor adventures, and flourishing independent businesses, Austin is not only the fastest growing city in the United States but a destination with plenty to keep both locals and visitors happy and proud. Here are top reasons to get you started on why you should travel to the Texas state capital. 

A Thriving Live Music Scene

No matter the day you’re visiting or your music type, Austin seems to be one of the few cities where you’ll find live music that suits your taste and preferences. You can feel and hear the city’s musical heritage on every corner, with performance venues ranging from concert halls to jazz clubs and rowdy rock ‘n’ roll bars. No wonder the Texas state capital is often referred to as the “Live Music Capital of the World.” 

Austin’s Creative Community

The people in Austin are so inspiring, creative, and generous. It seems like everyone here has a friendly spirit and is committed to the community. It’s this commitment by the locals that keeps attracting creatives from across the United States to this incredible city. There’s no better place to meet photographers, florists, writers, designers, and other creatives in the country than in Austin. The collaborative relationships among creatives have established such an amazing creative community. Consider being part of events such as the Texas Book Festival, Creative + Cultivate, and the Texas Conference for Women. 

The Food

Austin’s world-famous barbecue as well as its top-notch sushi and Tex-Mex cuisine make up another reason why you must visit the Texas state capital. Austin has since gained a reputation as one of the top foodie cities and destinations in the United States. The city is also home to organic supermarkets and blossoming fitness brands which mean those looking to boost their physical and spiritual wellbeing are covered here. 

Almost Endless Sunshine

Austin experiences brief springs and barely noticeable autumns. The city experiences a humid subtropical climate which means sunshine is abundant throughout the year, with occasional rain storms and tornadoes. The weather in Austin is characterized by short, mild winters and long, hot summers. 

The Quirky Shops

Not everyone enjoys or wants to go shopping when traveling or on vacation. The quirky offerings of the boutique shops in Austin are irresistible. You can’t just ignore them. The city is a shopaholic’s paradise with souvenir shops, apartments, independent boutiques, restaurants, art galleries, and retail stores. The shopping opportunities in the Texas state capital are endless. 

Architecture and Interior Design

If you’re an interior design lover, spending time in the restaurants and hotels in Austin could just be the highlight you need for your trip. Most of the interior design works in the restaurants and hotels have been recognized in reputable publications like Curbed and Vogue. Austin boats of classic icons and beautiful architecture such as the Main Tower at the University of Texas, the Frost Bank Tower, and the State Capitol Building. 

Celebration of the ArtsYou must have heard or even read about the city’s official motto, “Keep Austin Weird.” The creative art scene and the electric museum best confirm the motto. You should start by exploring the freaks of nature at the Museum of the Weird. The city is ablaze with art works and creativity at every corner. Austin also hosts seasonal festivals, exhibitions, and art events throughout the year. Come and experience the city’s commitment to creativity and arts.

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