3 Great Surf Spots in San Clemente, California


Know as one of the most highest performance waves in the world, Lower Trestles is a favorite for just about every kind of surfer from beginner to professional. The wave breaks over a cobble stone reef which makes for a near perfect pace for surfing of all levels. The one huge downside of Lowers is the huge crowd. It’s normal for there to be50+ people in the water on an average day and 100+ surfers on a good summer day. If you are not a great surfer then it’s very unlikely you will paddle out and get a set wave. It’s often packed with a who’s who of the worlds best surfers. The WSL just recently removed Lowers off the pro to be replaced by the Freshwater Pro held at the Kelly Slater surf ranch.

State Park

While not the most consistent spot, State Park can offer really fun peaks for intermediate to advanced surfers who can pop up quick to get down the line. The wave breaks over a shallow sand bottom which normally sees it’s best surf in the summer months due to south swells. One thing to watch out for is sting rays which like to feed close to shore in summer. It’s best to stay on your board when possible to avoid being stung which will take any surfer out of the water.


Probably the most well known and crowded spot in San Clemente outside of Lowers, Tstreet is an outside reef break that offers fairly mushy sections that move into a close out on the inside. It is normally filled with little kids who surf really well. In the summer time it is black balled, meaning no hard surf boards, only swimmers and body boarders.

If you need a board

There are many surf shops in San Clemente that offer a range of beginner to high performance surf boards. The cost of a brand new board from a well know shaper will run between $600 to $800 which might be out of range for some people. There are also several shops that offer great quality used boards, one of them being https://usedsurf.com. They have a huge selection of used boards and a very friendly and helpful staff.

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